How to Get Your Backyard Ready for the 4th of July

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How to Get Your Backyard Ready for the Fourth of July 

Summer is officially here and the weather in New Jersey is warming up, which can mean only one thing – The Fourth of July is coming.  It is the perfect holiday to kick back and relax with friends and family while sharing delicious food right off of the grill. As the warmth of the sun livens up your backyard, it is key to make sure that your plants, landscaping, and seasonal accents can all be paired well in order to create a unique vibe that seamlessly fits in with your vision of what you want the party to be.


To simplify your planning process, here are some tips from our team at JLK to assist you in getting your backyard ready for the perfect Fourth of July party.


Examine your fence

The first thing your guests will see when entering your backyard is the fence. If yours has chipped paint, is missing some pieces, or looks aged, consider adding some fresh paint as a much-needed face-lift. Once this is taking care of, you can move inward toward where your guests will be sharing laughs, stories, and good times.


Create a casual cookout spot

The best summer cookouts are the ones where everyone can truly relax, enjoy the nice weather, and catch up with friends and family that they haven’t seen or talked to in awhile. A classic picnic table is perfect for hosting friends. It is long, ideal for putting out food, and allows for easy communication between those that are sitting around the table. If many people will be attending your party, simply introduce more picnic tables to your backyard or even folding tables, which make for an easy clean up afterward. A simple red, white, and blue tablecloth on the tables will also elevate the Fourth of July vibes and will look great when paired with other festive decorations.


Check the deck

If your home features a deck and you plan to use it during the festivities, make sure that it is safe. Missing hardware, wobbly railings, loose stairs, or rusty nails can all contribute to potential injuries that can take place and add an unwanted aspect to your party. Be sure to have your deck either repaired or replaced before the big day so that the only falling guests do is falling in love with your cooking. 


Embrace the outdoor décor

One of the best parts about the Fourth of July is the colors. They are everywhere on this day, from clothing to flags up on homes, to food that you can make for your guests. It is so important for your backyard to not be any different. Keep the colors going strong. From small flags spread out throughout your lawn, to red, white, and blue streamers on your fence, to adding holiday colored plants into the flowerpots throughout the space. With a fun party atmosphere, the good times will keep on rolling!


Have some fun

Your backyard is truly an outdoor space that can be transformed into a unique outdoor space for your friends and family to adore. Make the most of it this July Fourth and even afterward by having meals outside, playing games, or even just getting some peace and quiet. Make your backyard one you’re proud to spend time in and make memories that will last a lifetime.